Nothing Like Nigella. Part 2

You might remember my cheesecake disaster from last week: the rubbery, salty garbage-tasting lump with flesh coloured gelatinous globules in it that actually made me dry-retch when I tasted it. The big pictures and step-by-step instructions in a children's cookbook borrowed from the library made it look so easy. But my cheesecake didn't look like the pictures. … Continue reading Nothing Like Nigella. Part 2

Nothing Like Nigella. Part 1

It should have been so easy. It was a no-bake cake. I had borrowed a cookbook from the children's library. Five-year-old Spider Boy and I had chosen a strawberry cheesecake recipe to try. From a children's cookbook. We followed the instructions to the letter. The recipe called for "I package (85g) strawberry gelatin" (spelt gelatin without the 'e' - it was an … Continue reading Nothing Like Nigella. Part 1