How’s 2021 working out so far? And happy 8th blogiversary to The Alexcellent Life!

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We’re now more than two weeks into 2021. How do you think it’s shaping up? My mum and I mused that the world lately is a little bit like a video game – just when you’ve defeated one terrible obstacle, there’s another more difficult one to deal with. We keep going up a level. What with the scenes in Washington last week, the rate of Covid infection in the UK and US, the promise of a mutant even more infectious Coronavirus strain becoming the dominant one and Australian state borders opening and shutting like a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

I thought about blogging everyday in 2021, so I could capture the little things, like the time last week when one of our guinea pigs got stuck in a cardboard tube, but my new job and managing The-boy-formerly-known-as-Spider Boy in school holidays has kept me very busy and tired since going back to work on Jan 4th. So I’m aiming for a weekly post on The Alexcellent Life – I have a few other creative project ideas for this year too which I plan to report on soon.

As for Peanut the guinea pig, our meekest guinea, I had to execute a delicate procedure involving scissors to remove him from said cardboard tube. Don’t worry, it was only the very thick cardboard that was cut, with me squeezing the tip of my finger in between the cardboard tube and Peanut to make sure the scissors didn’t touch his flesh. The poor little thing – he’s fine, but I’ll never forget the panicked wheeks he made when the tube rolled with him in it and he realised he was stuck.

Peanut and The-boy-formerly-known-as-Spider Boy having a little moment

Happy Blogiversary!

I look back each New Year and think about where I was and what I was doing on previous New Year’s Eves/Days. I started blogging in January 2013. So Happy 8th Birthday, blog! My first post on The Alexcellent Life was about goal-setting and was quite frankly, a bit boring. My second post was a re-cap of NYE 2012, a bit more exciting. You can read it here.

Anyway, in the 8 years this little blog’s been going, it hasn’t always been consistent. But I’ve enjoyed writing each and every post and have no plans to stop yet. It’s been a record of life’s ordinary joys, of those perfect little moments in an imperfect life, captured in words and photos. It’s been a journal of sorts since The-boy-formerly-known-as-Spider Boy was four years old, and has painted a picture of our life in Sydney and move back to Canberra. I just wish I’d started it earlier!

I’ve had some lovely commenters over the years, so thank you for reading, liking, commenting and following. It’s much appreciated.


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