New Year’s Eve – Gangnam Style. Not.


My first post on this blog was all about goals for the coming year. Looking forward. But I now feel compelled to look back to last year already and write briefly about my New Year’s Eve. My New Year’s Eve really had NOTHING to do with 2012. My sister and I had an ’80s and ’90s retro-fest, thanks to ABC 2’s showing of The Videos That Shaped The ’80s, and the uplifting 1998 movie A Night At The Roxbury on Channel 1.

Top ’80s videos of the night:

1. Rio – Duran Duran

2. Rockit – Herbie Hancock

3. I Want To Break Free – Queen

4. Take On Me – AHA

A Night At The Roxbury is based on a series of sketches that originally appeared on Saturday Night Live in the early ’90s. It’s about two brothers, wannabe nightclub barons (Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan) trying to crack LA’s nightclub scene. By day they work in their father’s fake-plant shop. But by night,they strut down LA’s Sunset Strip in shiny suits and struggle to get into the hottest clubs in town. Their dream – to open their own hottest club in town. Richard Grieco plays himself – quite a few years after he starred in 21 Jump Street – just on the cusp of puffy-faced, unfortunately. According to a review on, the real-life Roxbury on the Sunset Strip was converted into a Japanese restaurant by the time this film was released.

A Night At The Roxbury is generously peppered with a string of ’90s dancefloor hits. So instead of dressing up and queing at a club, we were watching other people do it, on the small screen. But we enjoyed reminiscing over the songs we used to dance to in ’90s club land.

Kylie Minogue sang something at Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebration. It may have been On A Night Like This, conveniently released just before the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. How retro is that? Even though my sister had flicked it over to Channel Nine, I’m not sure what or how much Kylie sung, because I really wasn’t paying attention. And you know, fireworks – let’s face it, seen them before. I know I sound ungrateful, but I just wanted to flick back to Will Ferrell bopping his head to Haddaway’s 1993 dance hit, What Is Love.

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