Retro Cool… Literally

KISS is Cool
KISS is Cool

I was wandering the frozen foods aisle in Coles the other day looking for frozen yoghurt, when I was struck by four famous faces from the late 70s staring back at me from behind the glass of the freezer door.  It was members of the glam-rock band KISS – unfortunately not actually them, but pictured on a box of ice blocks.

So I did some investigative research – I Googled “KISS ice blocks” – and there they were on the Coles blog. It turns out that to celebrate the 40th anniversary of KISS, Peters Ice Cream has brought back the famous KISS Ice Block. I have to admit, I don’t remember the KISS ice blocks the first time round. My 1980 iced treats repertoire was limited to Paddle Pops, Golden Gaytimes and the occasional Bubble O’Bill. But apparently I missed out on “A frozen thunderbolt of lemonade, raspberry and cola”.

The “Thunderbolt” ice block is named after the 1976 hit, God of Thunder, and was released to co-incide with the KISS Monster tour in February and March this year.

I didn’t buy a box, but took the snapshot above for the album. It brings back memories of the Sydney Royal Easter Show circa 1978 when I bought a KISS showbag. I will never forget the image of my three-year-old sister running around the house with her brown ringlets springing out from behind a plastic KISS face mask, a tiny Gene Simmons in a pale blue skivvy and size 2 overalls.

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