Edited highlights: forgotten treasures, ninja turtles and a girls’ night

Although it’s pouring with rain as I write this, it hasn’t clouded my memories of some wonderful winter sunshine during the past week. Great for scooting (Spider Boy) and walking (me) in the park.

Lovely day for it. (sunbaking, stretching, whatever that person is doing).

I went on a girls’ night out (nothing raucus, just a quiet dinner) with my two best friends I’ve known since high school…. so that’s a loooooong time… and took in the pretty lights of night-time Bondi decked out for Winter Magic.

Clockwise from top right: Ravesi’s, window display in gift shop So Gorgeous, Campbell Pde from the restaurant doorway.

I had to clear some of my “stuff” out of my dad’s garage and found a box of my art and craft supplies, including these gems from a drawing class I took in 2002. The Derwents were unopened! I have always loved having a go at art, or at least the idea of art. But inspired by Sex in The City‘s  Charlotte York-McDougall when she took up tap-dancing after leaving husband Trey, I took the evening-college course because I was trying to keep busy after breaking up with a boyfriend. I just remember the drawing teacher looking at my work in class and saying, “You need to practice…and Alex, practice a lot.” But I think a couple of weeks into the course, I went skiing instead, with the boyfriend I’d just broken up with. And no, he did not become my husband. That was a different break-up.

“Misty water-coloured memories…” Are those the lyrics? Barbara Streisand right?

Spider Boy had caught a cold which turned into a cough so he stayed home from school. Which gave me a chance to catch up on some Ninja Turtle action. Spider Boy pulled his best Ninja Turtle face when I told him it was time for Mathletics on the computer. He wasn’t that sick.

These turtles scowl the way Spider Boy does when I tell him he’s “so cute”.

I caught the bus home at sunset and captured these pics out the window.

I love the pastel hues at this time of day.
I love the pastel hues at this time of day.

What have you enjoyed this week?


  1. I love the photographs of your journey on the bus, what a great eye for colour you have! The pinks are so silvery on my screen, such a lovely contrast with the pure white of the boats. Beautiful capture. I never found art teachers to be inspiring (although I’m sure some are!!) so I hope you keep enjoying making art. The turtles are cute!! 😉

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