Edited Highlights: delightfully pink, playfully green. And trashy chocolate.

I should be posting Edited Highlights at the end of a week, not the beginning (and let’s face it, we’re rapidly sliding towards the middle of the week), but technical problems over the weekend has caused a delay to my “posting schedule”, which is admittedly haphazard – but I’m working on that.

The last week of winter was a mix of wet weather and sunny days but I thought I’d get into the spirit of Spring with this collection of pink(ish) things.


Clockwise from top left we have the perfect after dinner “dessert” (yeah, that’s what I tell myself, wait till you see what I really had for dessert last week (not every day – have to maintain that 300 gram weight-loss after all).

I found this cute little set of measuring cups and spoons in Woolworths and I plan to make good use of them, measuring ingredients for baking AND for those two words diet gurus are so fond of, “portion control”.  Mmmm baking and portion control. That’s a potential stressful situation right there.

Unlock Your Style by Nikki Parkinson from Styling You was launched a few weeks ago and it is next on my reading list. Hoping to unlock my style this Spring.

And as I had used up my last drop of Chanel No.5 a little while ago, I thought it the perfect time to finally open this gift from my jet-setting Dad. I do love miniatures. That black lump on the lid is a tiny tiny fabric rose attached to a tiny tiny elastic band. Tres chic!


Here is my neck line getting ready for Spring with rhinestones. I love a good bedazzling. This jumper comes from Topshop.  I like to wear it next to this Magnolia which is blooming like no tomorrow.

In other news, I have been a little annoyed by the negative reaction to Lena Dunham’s Emmy’s dress last week.


According to the above poll on Hollywoodlife.com, 85.95% of respondents loathed it, and 14.05% loved it.

I am firmly in the love camp. I just love it. And I love her for wearing it. That is all.

Now to the serious business of garden greenery and park playtime.


We have a few little strawberries growing in a tub in the courtyard. I love this patch of greenery. I don’t know what it’s called but the tiny flat leaves give the impression of a soft emerald carpet on the pavers. And Spider Boy found a caterpillar… that he enjoyed poking a bit with a stick. I know it seems awful but I didn’t want to deny SB’s natural curiosity. The caterpillar remained unscathed. Well maybe a little bit scathed, but still alive. I’m sure it bounced back. Unless a bird got it.


Then it was time for some scooter riding in the park. Here’s Spider Boy in his Buzz Lightyear helmet carrying his scooter to the pathway.

And we finished the week with the king of desserts – chocolate brownies.


Yeah, I thought a chocolate brownie from Domino’s Pizza wasn’t trashy enough. So I trashed it up a bit more. Double the fun.

Have you unleashed some new things for Spring – or Autumn?


    • Hello Becky. Yes, I really love this outfit. What’s not to love? It’s business upstairs and party downstairs. But seriously, I’m a fan of ruffles, pink and the ombré effect. I just really like it and not just because Lena’s wearing it. What orange glow-worm outfit? Is that a thing? Is that like Bjork’s swan outfit circa 1995?

      Comment edit – I just Googled Swan dress and it was 2001 – seemed so much longer ago.

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