Edited Highlights: Sunshine, lollipops and Lady Gaga

Going to a Lady Gaga concert last week seemed like a great way to welcome Spring.  I’d never seen La Gaga perform before. I only knew three of her songs (I am stuck in the ’80s remember), but my friend Eva had free tickets so I gratefully accepted because I knew it would be one big party with the girls!


Photo taken by Eva. Gaga looked right at Eva’s phone camera.  Lucky! Love the spring-themed undies.

The ARTPOP Ball 2014, ArtRAVE, was like a massive party.


It was truly a spectacle with regular confetti drops of tiny paper shells, pink paper shoes and stars. If only life came with its own staged confetti drops at regular intervals. But I guess if you’re Gaga, it does!


I have to say I was impressed with Lady Gaga. She is a consummate entertainer. Her many amazing costume changes, her interaction with the crowd and the production values of the show were all brilliant. And she can sing. Thanks for a great night Eva!

The next day was officially Spring and the local shops had their best outfits on.

Looks like my local shop raided Gaga’s underwear drawer. As for the pastries, don’t worry, I walked on by.

Spider Boy lost a tooth, but I think I need to accept he is just not a fan of fairy dust (glitter) like his mum. I got the hint when he was fishing the coins out of the water and screamed in horror, “Aaaargh! I’ve got glitter on me!”


Nor is Spider Boy a fan of stuffed animals, even if they are cute celebrity dogs

I’m sure Lady Gaga would’ve loved this Boo dog.


And in other big news, I created a new breakfast. Chocolate brioche grilled with raspberries and served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Delish!


Finally, all the sunshiny/rainy weather last week created this joy in an otherwise ordinary sky.


How was the first week of the new season for you?



  1. Great capture! The concert looks like it was amazing. Thanks for sharing. The breakfast brioche is something I’m going to try, delicious and with a healthy topping too!

  2. I am so envious of your girls night out, with Lady Gaga! I adore her voice, entranced with her versatility and respect her kind heart. I will be listening to her songs as duets with my old favorites like Tony Bennett, soon to be released CD. (Or has it already been?) I am glad you stopped by my blog, I need to be more ‘hip,’ and this is the place to be!!

    • Yes, her costumes were amazing. She is a wonderful performer. I think that duets CD has been released. Thanks for visiting my blog – I enjoy yours, your posts are very inspiring! 🙂

  3. Is your Greek yogurt flavored with vanilla? I like it plain, like a sour ‘cream’ but also like the flavored yogurts paired with raspberries, your French chocolate brioche looks wonderful, too!
    Thanks for mentioning this about the duets CD and glad you find my posts inspiring! I had a rough few days at the old warehouse, so did not post anything new, maybe Friday!

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