Post-Christmas catch up

As I write this it’s the day after Boxing Day and I have a chance to catch my breath.

The lead up to Christmas had a few domestic surprises, with Spider Boy coming down with a vomiting virus two days before the big day. Our hot water tank had been broken for a few days at that point, which meant no hot water to wash all those vomitous sheets and towels. After much to-ing and fro-ing with Energy Australia, we had an 11th hour resolution on Christmas Eve.

I promptly did three loads of washing and had a hot shower – blissful after six days of having a cold bird bath/boiling water in the kitchen jug – before doing a 3pm Christmas Eve dash to Woolworths for Christmas lunch things.

I was behind in my present wrapping again – and was up, for yet another year, till 1am Christmas morning, wrapping things. And I kept getting distracted by the Love Actually DVD I had put on. With so much of what I do, I find myself thinking, “If only I had one more day to get this done.” Maybe I could fashion some kind of solution to this as one of my many resolutions for 2015!

Christmas Day began at 5.53am with a recovered Spider Boy tearing into his presents, and the rest of the day came and went in a flurry of church, visitors, my sister’s Minchinbury sparkling wine (“because I wanted to use it up – I won it, you know”), a really bad potato salad because I forgot to buy potato salad dressing, some laughs, thoughtful gifts, a great pudding (thanks, Sis) and only a couple of very minor squabbles with family.

Yesterday, armed with 10 just-in-case vomit bags, Spider Boy and I travelled by bus to Canberra to see Spider Boy’s paternal family.

So now that we are in a more relaxed mode, I just wanted to share a few photos from the Christmas season. I know Christmas is over, but some people down here in Tuggeranong, ACT, from where I write, still have their (rather spectacular) Christmas lights up, so it still must be a little bit Christmas, right?

Spider Boy gave lunch the thumbs up. But then, he wasn’t eating the potato salad. A highlight for me, was Heston Blumenthal’s yummy pudding. Or as my aunt says, Charlton Heston’s yummy pudding.
Spider Boy and I went to the best kid’s Christmas party either of us had ever been to!
Went for a walk and snapped a few Christmas doors.


Staking our place in the Domain for Carols in the Domain.


While we were waiting for Carols to start, we ran into Santa in the Santa tent. How convenient! Saved us from lining up at Westfield.
Thank goodness for face-painters dressed as Elsa from Frozen – helping us pass the time while we wait for the Carols to start.


OK, everyone’s ready for Carols now.


Selfies with my elfies.

Thanks for reading my posts over the past year, for the likes and comments. I really appreciate it! I hope you all had a good Christmas and that you enjoy the last few days of 2014!






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