Three sensible F-words: my New Year’s resolutions

Yesterday I wrote about my New Year’s realisation. I realised I would be happy just to look like Ricki-Lee Coulter’s “Before” photo. I faced the fact that I’m not happy with my weight and want to do something about it.

Every year it’s the same. I think about several things I don’t like about myself and resolve to change them. I think about all the things I want for my life and resolve to get them. But then, before you know it, another year has rolled by, and I am exactly the same. Same rolls of fat around my middle, same bad habits, same character flaws.

I think maybe I should just save myself the time and grief and not make any resolutions. Because if I don’t make any in the first place, that’s one less thing to fail at, right?

But isn’t the definition of success simply picking yourself up one more time than you fall? Well, it’s one definition. And I have to keep trying. I live in hope.

So here I am, 2015, picking myself up, again. This year is the year I really need to make these changes, because it’s amazing how quickly one year turns into five… especially as you get older.

My resolutions involve the three ‘Fs’. No, not ‘Fun’, ‘Funk’ or any other ‘F’ word. It’s the three sensible ‘F’ words: ‘Fitness’, ‘Finance’ and my favourite, ‘Furniture’.

Here’s what I plan to do with these F-words.

Fitness – I’m gonna get me some!

Finance – I’m taking control!

Furniture – I’m gonna move it to a new location!

Now I’m thinking of another F-word. That’s right –  ‘Fool’, because that’s what I’m going to look like as the months roll by (now that I’ve put it ‘out there’) if I don’t make any progress. I just need to do some plotting and planning about how I’m going to make these changes, and then, you know, take the action required (that’s the tricky part).

I now take inspiration from a quote on a post-it note I stuck above my desk months ago (that I am only just taking notice of now): “Great things are not done by impulse, but, by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent van Gogh.

It’s exciting just thinking about how things could be this time next year… or this time in five years.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it’s a good one for you and may it be better for everyone than 2014 was!

Frangipani in our courtyard: May 2015 be blooming good for you. And for me, I hope the only things that bloom are flowers, fun, fitness, finance and furniture.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?


  1. To drink more water. It’s not unrealistic (like losing 50 pounds and quitting smoking), and the benefits such as less stress headaches are many. And i can use lots of cute water bottles. 🙂

    • That’s a great resolution. And you’re right – extremely achievable! I think the secret really is in the small changes because added up over time, they really amount to something. And in the meantime they are realistic. 🙂

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