Off the scale

Sydney certainly had its share of extreme weather last week.

From floods…


to beautiful sunshine…


including a glorious sunrise on ANZAC morning…

Anzac Day 2015 dawn service at Coogee Beach. Photo credit: Cameron Mills Photography

There was that sudden and forceful hail storm on ANZAC afternoon…


emerging from dramatic clouds.


These natural events certainly made for some great photo opportunities.

But some natural events are almost off the scale – the Richter scale specifically – and any photos are purely a document of devastation.

The news of Saturday’s magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Nepal has quickly put Sydney weather complaints into perspective.

ABC Online reports: Thousands of people braved freezing temperatures and patchy rain to sleep on pavements, in parks or in fields in the crowded Kathmandu valley, too afraid to return to their damaged homes. 

More than 3,000 people have been killed, and many others injured. Yesterday a 6.7 aftershock compounded the damage.

Apparently it’s the worse earthquake to hit Nepal in 81 years.

My thoughts are with the people of Nepal, the surrounding areas and rescue operations.

For more information on the Nepal quake visit the Red Cross website.

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