Christmas 2015 – the more things change, the more they stay the same

This Christmas, some things were eerily similar to last year. I just re-read my Christmas post from 2014 to discover that my last-minute gift wrapping problem was a problem then too. But I didn’t need to read my own blog to know that. It’s just me. When will I change?

Last year I wrote: With so much of what I do, I find myself thinking, “If only I had one more day to get this done.” Maybe I could fashion some kind of solution to this as one of my many resolutions for 2015!

Guess what? That didn’t happen!


Here’s a few snaps from Christmas 2015…

A Christmas village house that may be hit by a giant blue meteor.

Last year our tree was fake, but his year, a real live one.

Our cute little tree that’s been growing in the back courtyard
A beautiful ham from Mum

We enjoyed a different Christmas beverage this year. Moet rather than last year’s Minchinbury.  My sister (Señorita Margarita) explained the Minchinbury in 2014, “…because I wanted to use it up – I won it, you know.”


Only the best – the Moet, a gift from Señorita Margarita’s former workplace, was enjoyed in glasses that belonged to my great grandparents.
Senorita Margarita always makes an effort with her Christmas frock
Spider Boy literally being embraced by the Christmas Spirit


Spider Boy with the son he’s always wanted

Last year’s potato salad was really bad because I forgot to buy potato salad dressing. This year, it was better after my sister said, “it’s a bit dry Al, add more dressing.”

My bit dry but quite tasty potato salad
My alright green salad
My tired old fruit salad
Coles Finest Christmas cherry and Belgian chocolate pie with cherry sherbet! Fancy.

There was a pudding on fire with brandy-fuelled flames of course, but I didn’t manage to get the photo.

Like last year, a few minor squabbles, and as always, an opportunity to be a bit stressed.

But it was pretty funny when Dad went into the kitchen at Mum’s and fastidiously washed and dried the 120-year-old champagne glasses that had been a gift at his grandparents’ wedding. And then Mum told him, “…and don’t run off with those glasses!”

I hope you had a lovely Christmas whatever you were doing. I really love the week between Christmas and New Year. I see it as the mental equivalent of the land that time forgot. Enjoy!



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