This weekend (Oct 21 -22) is Garage Sale Trail, with over 10,000 garage sales and stalls happening all over Australia. The yearly event that started in Bondi in 2010, is a great opportunity to declutter, find your treasure in another’s trash, fundraise, make some extra cash and meet the locals. For more info garagesaletrail.com.au #garagesaletrail

It got me thinking about a sale I had four years ago in Sydney’s east that didn’t make me much cash, but generated a whole lot of fun and a celebrity sighting (I think)…

The Alexcellent Life

My gorgeous street emporium of fashion and fun. My gorgeous street emporium of fashion and fun.

English: Angelina Jolie at the Cannes film fes... Angelina Jolie at the Cannes Film Festival. Not at my garage sale. credit: Wikipedia.

A lot of unbelievable things have been happening round here lately, from my making butter from scratch (scratch!) to a major Hollywood star turning up unannounced at the garage sale I had as part of the 2013 Garage Sale Trail. This national event organises communities around Australia to hold garage sales on the same day. The aim is to promote the re-use of unwanted goods, saving them from landfill.  Apparently it’s also helped 800,000 people in Australia meet their neighbours! But then, who needs neighbours when you’ve got Angelina Jolie popping by?

Before I tell you about my famous browser, let me tell you about my gorgeous little “shop”. At garage sale time, all my fantasies about having a little shop and selling gorgeous things (channelling Patsy from Ab Fab…

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