Edited highlights: chocolate pudding, snowdrops and other ordinary joys

I realise I seem to have developed a theme here in the past few weeks, namely involving snow, fake or otherwise, and chocolate. Well it IS winter!

With all the bad news reports (the bad news that is additional to the constant bad news that already happens) lately, it would be very easy to be overwhelmed by it all and think of nothing else. I know how blessed I am to have the privilege of leading my ordinary life, that is sprinkled with moments that I feel compelled to photograph and share. It’s the joy of the ordinary. And I really appreciate it.

This past week I tried my hand at a chocolate and raspberry pudding – with a few canned cherries thrown into the mix. It tasted surprisingly decadent, considering the recipe was from Diabetic Living magazine and the chocolatey flavour came from cacao and not Cadbury’s.


Although I’m sure serving it with cream was not what Diabetic Living had in mind, but, it just elevated the choc-berry cherry goodness to new heights.


Spider Boy, Bat Gran and I caught up with Senorita Margarita at, where else – the local chocolateria. After jogging along Bondi Beach first, obvs.


Jogging? As if. No, it was straight into San Churro for churros as soon as we hit Bondi.


Well, look. At least the sauce was dark chocolate. And we shared the plate.

Later in the week, Spider Boy and friends played in a cliff-top park and we wondered what bizarre weather event was happening on the horizon.


And snowdrops are growing in the back courtyard. Like little ballerina skirts.


Hoping you’ve found some ordinary joys in your week.


  1. You’ve just inspired me with this post. ‘Ballerina skirts’… I love it! Even the name ‘snowdrops’ is beautiful isn’t it? What was going on with that horizon? Water spouts? Such a pretty, warm, Wintery post 🙂

    • Hi Pinky Poinker, thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, there’s something magical about snowdrops, like flowers from a children’s fairytale, except they’re real! I was going to suggest water spouts in the post, maybe they were? Happy to have inspired you. Thanks so much for dropping by, I recognise your name from House Goes Home.

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