Edited Highlights Easter 2015: Pretty eggs, bi-faith buns and a carb fest

Easter may seem like a distant memory, but I’ve just had two Easters one week after another so it is still front of mind for me – helped by the suspicious bits of shiny coloured foil wrapping I keep finding on the floor and the strange bunny eyes glaring at me from the recesses of the darkened pantry.

So here’s a recap: Good Friday was rainy; perfect for painting these ceramic Easter eggs from a kit I’d bought at Target the day before. So much fun for only $6! image

The kit contained a paint set and six eggs with a string loop on each (to hang on your egg-tree? Apparently they’re making a comeback). I had visions of pastel-hued eggs in a basket, but Spider Boy’s decorating aesthetic does not match my own… image

Never mind, at least it amused him for about 10 minutes. Later in the day during a rain break we went to the Grumpy Baker cafe near a cliff-top park where the lovely floral displays caught my eye… image

…as did their bi-faith bun supply. image

A walk in the nearby park followed our cafe visit. I wondered if Spider Boy thought the grass was greener on the other side. image

By Easter Sunday, fittingly the sun had come out… image

…Lucky! Wouldn’t have wanted the Easter Bunny’s egg delivery to get wet. Spider Boy got plenty of chocolate-attention from the big Bunny, and from Aunty Señorita Margarita too! image

On Easter Monday we went to see Lulu and her son the Magician. They showed us the Magician’s Easter Bonnet that he wore in his school’s annual Easter Hat parade. He’s in year 2 now and they just keep adding ornaments to the same hat each year. By the time he’s in year 6 it’s going to look like Carmen Miranda’s head-gear with a Copacabana twist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

image .

I love it. In fact, I think I’ll forget the ceramic egg craft next year and go straight to the Easter Bonnet! 2 Dollar shop, here we come!

A week later we experienced Greek Easter in Canberra with Spider Boy’s dad’s family friends. It was very aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing…


It was great for the carbotarians amongst us what with the cheese pie, cheese and cream potatoes, pastries and bread. Oh and the lamb on the spit gets a special mention.


After returning from Canberra, Spider Boy went to a new wordworking school for kids, Tool School, for a half-day workshop, where he learnt how to use a screw-driver, a manual drill and manual saw. And he made this awesome Foosball table! Thanks to Kerryn at Tool School for teaching him some great DIY skills! He now has a beautiful wooden toy he can keep forever.


And we finished off the holidays with a visit to our local library to learn about other uses for toilet paper and ripped sheets…


How was your Easter?

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