Meeting my blogging neighbour

image credit: Hubspot. The Gingerbread Gem.
image credit: Hubspot. The Gingerbread Gem.

In my last post I wrote about my real-life neighbours.

I also have virtual neighbours who I only know via a screen. But last night, I met one in real life; a blogger called Alana House – a pretty neighbourly surname now that I think about it!

Alana, a former weekly magazine editor, writes a brilliant blog called Housegoeshome. She started the blog in 2011 after leaving her workplace of 20 years, asking the question, “Is there life after work?” In the past year, Alana’s blog has documented her personal journey dealing with marriage separation, going back into the workplace again, adventures with her two young daughters, and setting up a new house. She blogs about the juggle of work and family, with plenty of hilarious posts that articulately capture the vagaries of modern life.

On top of all that, this former magazine editor loves to cook, often posting her recipes as well as a decent sprinkling of Hollywood gossip.

She also has an amazing talent for party-planning and puts the average party goody-bags and cakes out there to shame!

Alana via Housegoeshome exemplifies the above definition of “To blog”.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alana for the first time last night, after “meeting” her virtually through the comments section on her blog. As she mentions in her post, Exchanging war stories, our paths had crossed before but we’d never actually met until now. And it’s all thanks to the blogging neighbourhood.

Do visit Alana’s blog:

Image credit: [Hubspot] [The Gingerbread Gem]


  1. Alex – such a fun night. And glad to see the blogging bug has bitten again. Especially when it involves sexy, half-naked neighbours. When we lived in Rose Bay the only exciting thing our neighbours did was threaten each other with carving knives and yell a lot.

    • It was a fun night! Yes, my neighbours needed to be captured. In words, I mean. Not tied up or anything. But I can see I’ve been lucky with my neighbours. At least “Hades” over the road doesn’t threaten anyone with a carving knife!

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