Edited highlights: Dating advice books, tornados and cake

This time next week, Christmas will be over. I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed. Soon all will be revealed about big changes happening at The Alexcellent Life, but for now, let’s see what’s happened in December.

My mid-life crisis was exacerbated by going to Retro nightclub…



This particular visit came complete with a Rock Lobster neck injury (thanks for nothin’ B52s) and a try-hard bathroom selfie.

The Chris Noth/Matt Preston look-a-like lurking on the scene, who we dubbed “Fat Mr.Big,” seemed quite nice, but then Lulu said to him, “Has anyone ever told you you look like Mr.Big from Sex and the City, and Matt Preston.giggle.” And then he ran away. Just as well, because he was married. As was his whole pack of wolves he was running with that night. Fat Mr.Big does not appear in any of the above photos.

I discovered these great The Ladybird book of … books. Who remembers them from childhood?

Mid-life advice

I use to love my Ladybird book of Beauty and the Beast – the classic fairytale, when I was a child. These books contain beasts of a different kind. I spotted these little gems in the bookstore Harry Hartog. Perhaps I should actually part with some cash and pick up The Ladybird book of Dating. God knows I could use some help.

I witnessed Christmas eye-candy of the cake kindΒ at yet another local street fair…

Shooting stars of pasty

I tried one of the gingerbread stars because they were FREE.

In other cake news, I went into one of my favourite bakeries, Dobinsons in Canberra, when I was there on very important business recently.

Come to me, my precious (es)

I looked, but didn’t touch these goodies. I’m saving myself for all the mince pies I’m planning on eating at Christmas.

And just so you know sweet treats aren’t the only things that float my boat…


My friend Deb and I went to our favourite Mexican restaurant, El Topo Bondi Junction, for a pre-Christmas catch up. I said no to my favourite bunuelos de chocolate and concentrated on the delectable savoury flavours of tacos and frijoles negros with bacon, spicy chorizo, capsicum and queso fresco. And watermelon salad (sweet but refreshing).

I’ve been walking home from work (part of the way) through Darlinghurst streets, making the most of the vibe before my big lifestyle change coming up in January (more on that later)…


I’ve been appreciating amazing Sydney views and beach days…


And marvelling at the not so beach days…


Crazy Sydney weather. Apparently it was an actual tornado.

I will be reporting on Christmas festivities next week.

How’s your December been so far?



  1. I need friends to go dancing with. I am happy you had fun, glad you stayed away from Chris Noth lookalike, despite his getting overweight. πŸ™‚ I an having a relaxing night at a Japanese steak house tomorrow night. Taking grandkids to see the Chipmunks movie sometime soon. Still have to work 40 hours next week and drive after work 3 hours to my Mom’s. I am truly happy with my almost being ready for Christmas. Cards out, gifts wrapped. Just work getting in the way of Fun! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Robin, yes, friends who like to dance are a gift. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. My ex-husband and I took our son to see the Chipmunks movie the day after Christmas – I actually quite enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you!

  2. You are so brave hitting up a nightclub, last time I did that, I spent the entire evening wanting to school the girls on appropriate clothing and feeling triple my actual age. Not even the excessive amount of booze helped. Ha! My December has been rad, so much deliciousness and fun with friends and family too. Most pleased to be on the other side of Christmas, bring on 2016…. It is going to be epic! πŸ™‚

    Hope you had an amazing Chrissy. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Anna. This particular club, Retro, attracts a very wide age-range, like 20 – 60 (it looked like) because of the music it plays. But when we went to some clubs that attract a younger demographic a few weeks earlier, that’s when I really felt triple my age. I felt I shouldn’t have been there and was watching it all through a screen – not part of it.Your December sounds fab. I too, am pleased to be on the other side of Christmas! Here’s to 2016!

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